Market Insight 14-06-2024

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The market was influenced by the Federal Reserve’s stance, with the USD continuing to strengthen and completely recovering from Wednesday’s losses following the CPI data. Despite lower-than-expected PPI figures and higher jobless claims, the USD’s momentum remained unaffected. The EUR declined in the evening amid reports of a potential coalition among left-wing parties in France, which could draw votes away from President Macron.


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Market Insight:

The trends from yesterday are persisting this morning, with the USD strengthening and the EUR weakening across the board. As mentioned earlier this week, the EUR remains vulnerable to any negative news, data, and political uncertainty, which is evident now. The GBPEUR has returned to 22-month highs this morning, while the EURUSD is at a one-month low. The USD is also gaining from the Bank of Japan’s decision to leave rates unchanged. Looking ahead, next week features UK inflation data and the Bank of England meeting, both of which are key risk factors for the GBP.