Frequently Asked Questions

Total Currency Exchange: Your Top Questions Addressed

Total Currency Exchange is a UK-based non-advisory currency broker that specialises in helping individuals and businesses efficiently move money internationally while providing competitive exchange rates and personalised service.

Using our service is simple:
Step 1: Sign up for a free account using our unique link.
Step 2: Provide the necessary documentation for verification if required.
Step 3: Choose your destination currency and amount.
Step 4: Confirm the exchange rate with your dedicated account manager.
Step 5: Make your payment.
Step 6: We handle the rest and send funds in your required currency.

We offer over 30 currencies for international money transfers; contact your account manager or our back office support team for the most up-to-date currency dealing list.

We believe in transparency. There are no hidden charges, and you will receive a fully inclusive rate before confirming the trade. We always advise checking with the receiving bank in case they apply any fees or charges when landing funds.

Yes, your funds are safe with us. We adhere to strict security and compliance standards to protect your money and personal information.


The transfer time can vary depending on the destination country and the chosen transfer method. Typically, transfers can be completed within 1-3 business days. Faster options may also be available for certain currencies and destinations.

Yes, we offer the option to schedule recurring transfers for regular payments or lock in exchange rates through forward contracts. Contact our customer support team to discuss your specific needs.

Your dedicated account manager is available to assist you with any issues or questions you may have. We have a structured dispute resolution process to address any concerns promptly.

Yes, we offer a range of solutions to help you mitigate the impact of currency fluctuations on your international transactions. Your account manager will be pleased to discuss your specific situation.

Tax implications can vary depending on your specific situation and the countries involved. We recommend consulting an independent international tax professional for guidance on any tax-related concerns.


You can reach our customer support team through various channels, including phone, email, and live chat. Visit our Contact Us page for details.

Yes, we offer a user-friendly online platform that allows you to manage your transfers online.