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Market Insight 16-07-2024

The start of this week saw minimal price action due to the lack of significant data or events.


Market Insight 15-07-2024

Over the weekend, the USD saw a modest rise, following another sell-off on Friday, which pushed GBPUSD to its highest level in 12 months.


Market Insight 12-07-2024

The US dollar weakened and bond yields fell yesterday after the latest US inflation data indicated the slowest price increases since 2021.


Market Insight 11-07-2024

GBP received a boost from Bank of England chief economist Huw Pill yesterday afternoon, following his remarks that services and wages continue to suggest inflation remains robust.


Market Insight 10-07-2024

In his testimony yesterday afternoon, Fed Chair Powell expressed a readiness to cut interest rates but indicated a need for more evidence of a downward trend in inflation before taking action.


Market Insight 09-07-2024

The USD continued its decline across the G10 currencies following last Friday’s job numbers, in anticipation of Fed Chair Powell’s congressional testimony and Thursday’s CPI data.

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